What are people saying?

"Seriously, I feel like we hit one out of the park with last night’s Press Gang program. As I believe I mentioned, there were loads of new people there, who may become return attendees, as well as our core of loyal regulars. The audience was totally with you – I kept turning around to watch their faces and loved seeing how many were singing along. “Black Velvet Band” brought back such happy memories for me – I went home singing "Blow Ye Winds" and started out this a.m. with "Drunken Sailor." Thank you, Jeff, for a delightful program and fun evening. Please extend our thanks to Mark and Keith."
Peggy Haile McPhillips, Norfolk City Historian

The Press Gang created a sound so authentic that you felt like you were journeying down the river with them without ever leaving the riverfront."
Janet Rose, Events Director, James River Batteau Festival

"The Press Gang is the new voice of Sea Chanteys on the east coast."
Jim Rockwell, Ship's Company

"Listening to the Press Gang is the most nautical fun you can have short of running off to sea!"
Debora Kerr, Pirate Party host

"The Press Gang has the earthy wit of sailors on shore leave, the sense of fun of guys doing something they love, enough rollicking songs to keep the party going all night - and voices able to bring even drunken pirates to silence."
Jean Anderson, Pirate Party host

"I thoroughly enjoyed The Press Gang. Their voices blended together beautifully, and the strong bold music was stirring without being overpowering. I could almost smell the sea and feel the ship move."
Susan Amero, Pirate Party host

"The Press Gang performed an entertaining variety of music with high spirits and good humor"
D.D., Hampton Piratefest

The Press Gang is a musical and historical interpretation group that does not endorse, support or sanction the views or opinions of the individuals, businesses or organizations who hire us to perform.